Website Design

Website Design

You have the awesome product or service and you have your business strategy, now lets get you online for all your lovely potential customers to see.

So you need a website? who doesn't! With users surfing the internet at all times of the day on various different devices there is no doubt that your potential customers are out there online. All they are missing is your website to greet them and show them around like an old friend. I could go on for a few more paragraphs, delving into all of the benefits having your business online could bring to you but I feel a list coming on.

Just a few business benefits a website will bring you:

  • Customers have access to your products / services 24/7
  • Expand your customer reach nationwide or even worldwide
  • Credibility for your brand
  • Cuts to your printing costs
  • Take your customer service online and cut admin time

The list really does go on so lets move on, how are we going to get you there?

As with all great projects it starts with a plan. Amongst its plentiful and ever growing function, your website is there to help you connect with your customers so it's important that we capture the essence of your business from the very beginning. We will talk through your business, products and services so that I can get a good feel for what your business stands for and your plans for where it is going. We will also take note of all the specifics of the pages you require, e-commerce facilities and the full functionality of your website. This discussion forms the basis of my design work, which is the next stop on our website design train.

Next I will beaver away in the studio on your designs, taking into account all of the devices and browsers our wonderful world contains so that your website will look great whereever your customer finds you. Using our lovely online proofing system you will receive a URL link when your design is finished so you can view it online. Next, using the equally handy commenting system we can discuss amendments and changes all on the one page. Once you are happy and the design is signed off, we get technical at the development stage.

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